Miniatures *RERUN
Small things are always somehow enchanting. This episode explores the whimsy world of miniatures. We delve into the astonishing skill required to fashion a tiny bowl of noodles that can be perched on a finger. It looks just like the real thing, even down to the glistening noodles and soup. And we take a look at a range of tiny toys, which came about after the 18th century Shogun issued an edict against extravagance and luxury, as well as a witty health charm in the shape of a red owl. Emperor Napoleon was among those fascinated by miniature books - they resemble tiny works of art. We peek inside what appears to be just an ordinary wall socket to see what is causing such a sensation on social media. Also featured is miniature scenery in pots and tiny bonsai that give a soothing touch to any surroundings.