Shigaraki Ware *RERUN
This episode takes us on a journey into some of the little known aspects of Shigaraki ware. This pottery was featured in the NHK morning drama series "Scarlet." Shigaraki jars, both of the narrow- and wide-mouthed kind, have been praised by devotees of the tea ceremony as espousing the aesthetics of "hie" (chill) and "kare" (wither). The best examples of Shigaraki ware are said to have been produced prior to circa 1700. They are distinguished by their firing techniques called "yaki-shime." Kawase Toshiro, a master of flower arrangement, produces some floral displays using antique Shigaraki vases. We look at the versatile nature of the clay used in Shigaraki ware that potters find so attractive, and also feature a Shigaraki-ware bath soothing to body and soul.