Somen Noodles *RERUN
This episode features some little-known aspects of Somen, a type of very thin wheat noodle, which is popularly eaten in Japan during the summer months. We look at the 1,200-year relationship between a brand of Somen noodle and the Omiwa Shrine in Nara Prefecture. The kabuki actor Koshiro Matsumoto X describes his passion for Somen noodles. We take a look at a deluxe version featuring caviar and truffles, and how the rainy season makes for better-tasting noodles. We watch an 84-year-old noodle chef stretch Somen noodles to an incredible 0.2mm thinness, and the painstaking, all-night work involved to produce a type of noodle in Kumamoto Prefecture nicknamed the "white creature." And we take a look at some highly recommended recipes from a Somen connoisseur.