Mashiko Ware *RERUN
This episode features Mashiko ware, which is named after the town in Tochigi Prefecture, where it has been crafted since the mid-19th century. It is an eclectic blend of tradition, innovation, inner peace and Mother Nature. This thick and roughly textured pottery was initially used for everyday items, such as mortar bowls and jars. Today there are about 500 artisans crafting Mashiko ware, each imparting his or her own individual style. We take a look at some items crafted by Shoji Hamada (1894-1978), a designated "National Living Treasure," who fostered recognition of the artistic merits of this pottery. We look at how Mashiko ware came to be used for a famous takeaway meal sold on trains and at railway stations, as well as a young artisan whose colorful works are popular among young women. Viewers also get to see how this pottery is fired over a full five-day period.