Kyoju: Massive Trees *RERUN
This episode focuses on massive, awe-inspiring trees, which are among the biggest living objects on the planet. We take a look at a 2,000-year-old cherry tree in full bloom, as well as Japan's biggest tree with its mysterious hollows, and a stunning, umbrella-like camphor laurel in Kumamoto Prefecture regarded as the one of the most beautiful of its kind. Also featured are an oddly shaped tree which stands guard over a small island in the Inland Sea that is home to only 17 people (, now enjoying a crowd of visitors), and a dark ginkgo tree in Tokyo's Azabu district that survived the massive air raid on the metropolis of March 1945. And we meet up with the scriptwriter So Kuramoto, and discover how his works and life are intertwined with the massive trees in the forests of Furano, Hokkaido Prefecture.