Tango Chirimen
Tango Chirimen refers to the silk crepe renowned for its unique sheen that has been produced for the last 300 years in the Tango region, nicknamed "Kyoto by the Sea." The Kabuki actor Bando Tamasaburo V describes the suppleness of these fabrics, which make them indispensable for Kabuki costumes. The undyed white fabrics come in more than 10,000 woven patterns, including auspicious plants and animals. We delve into the fascinating skills required for the woven patterns and the crimping. The crimping or texturing was developed in Edo (modern-day Tokyo) and has been passed on by Kyoto craftsmen. We look at some premium Yuzen-dyed kimonos produced in Kyoto Prefecture. The white patterned crepe goes through 10 different stages to achieve the desired colors and designs. We also feature a local forest of green alders, which are depicted on kimono fabrics dyed from plants from Tango.