Inside Lens

Inside Lens is a series by NHK WORLD TV that broadcasts documentaries directed by filmmakers living in Asia. We air documentaries that highlight local communities as the lens through which the dynamism of modern Asia is portrayed.

Inside Lens has two different formats. The first format is the documentaries about Asia directed by Asian filmmakers including foreign filmmakers who have lived in Asia for several years. There are many Asian filmmakers who have unique lens to depict the society closely and at the same time they are trying to co-produce the film with overseas broadcasters or production companies. “Unique lens” and “co-production” are the key words of the first type.

The second format is the documentaries about Japan directed by foreign filmmakers living in Japan. The documentaries should be rooted in the present tense that tell relevant and timely stories about what Japan is facing today.

We encourage innovative and intelligent filmmaking that speaks of the concerns of Asia and Japan today. Inside Lens is for ambitious, emerging filmmakers willing to develop projects to engage with NHK WORLD’s worldwide audiences that have interest in Asia and Japan. Strong narratives and captivating characters are essential prerequisites.

Inside Lens Key Visual

Broadcast schedule (UTC) Every Monday
01:30-01:58 / 7:30-7:58 / 10:30-10:58 / 19:30-19:58
(JST) Every Monday
10:30-10:58 /16:30-16:58 / 19:30-19:58 / (Tue.) 04:30-04:58
Duration and Language 28 minutes, English (50 minute versions will be aired on weekends as a special series)
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