Life After Terror

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NOOR HUDA - helps returning and released extremists to reintegrate into society in Indonesia. Huda has an interesting past. As a teenager in school, he was radicalized and recruited by an extremist group. After graduation, his schoolmates went to Pakistan for military training. Huda, on the other hand, goes to work for the Washington Post. In 2002, he is sent to cover the Bali Bombings. There, he makes the shocking discovery – one of the Bali bombers was his roommate from school. This drives Huda on a lifelong quest to figure out, what turns ordinary people into extremists and how we can counter it.

Director JUSTIN Ong
Location Indonesia
Duration 28 min.
Genre Social Issue / Life / Human Interest
Air Date (JST) Mon., Mar. 4, 2019

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Justin Ong has been directing and producing award winning documentaries for international broadcasters for the past decade. His work has aired internationally on National Geographic Channel, BBC, Al Jazeera, Disovery Channel, Channel NewsAsia and many more. His documentaries have garnered Best Direction at the Asian Television Awards and multiple awards at Malaysian festivals. His recent documentaries have followed victims of human traffickers as they begin their new lives and told the story of teenage sisters who are trying to break their addiction on drugs. He’s always been drawn to stories that explore redemption and the challenges that come with trying to achieve it.


2019 - Bangkit (1 hour documentary for IFLIX)
2018 - Dying For Gold (1 hour documentary for Channel NewsAsia)
2017 - To Hunt a Pedophile ( 1 hour documentary for Channel NewsAsia)
2016 - The Halal Foodie ( Food & Travel Series for Go Asean)
   - Go Fast or Go Home ( Adventure & Travel Series for Go Asean)
2015 - Boat People (1 hour documentary for ChannelNewsAsia)
   - Remembering MH370 (1 hour documentary for Channel NewsAsia)
2014 - Ride N Seek Borneo (Travel Series for The History Channel)
   - Building Batavia (1 hour documentary for The History Channel)
2013 - Secret Tribes ( Documentary Series for Channel NewsAsia)

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