We Have Not Come Here to Die: PART 1, 2

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On January 17th 2016 a Dalit, Phd research scholar, and activist Rohith Vemula unable to bear the persecution from a partisan University administration and dominant caste Hindu supremacists hung himself in one of the most prestigious universities in India. His suicide note, which argued against the “value of a man being reduced to his immediate identity” galvanized student politics in India.

Over the last year thousands of students all over the country have broken the silence around their experiences of caste discrimination in Universities and have started a powerful anti-caste movement.
The film attempts to track this historic movement that is changing the conversation on caste in India.

Director Deepa Dhanraj
Location India
Duration 2 x 50 min.
Genre Social issue / Politics / Education
Air Date (JST) PART1: Sat., Feb. 17, 2018
PART2: Sun., Feb. 18, 2018

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Deepa Dhanraj

Deepa Dhanraj


Deepa Dhanraj is a leading independent documentary filmmaker from India.
Her films focus on women's position in Indian society, not as victims but as survivors who resist discrimination and violence and provide inspiration for others.


We are Still Working(2013),
The Forgotten Generation (2013),
Invoking Justice (2011) ,
Enough of this Silence (2008) ,
The Advocate' (2007) ,
Nari Adalat(2000) ,
The Legacy of Malthus (1994) ,
Something Like a War (1991) ,
Kya hua is shahar ko? (1986)

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