Acoustic Heart

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Guitarist Kim Jihee (21) has an intellectual disability. Intellectual disability manifests itself as a lack of learning ability and social skills. Being around classmates who do not understand her, Jihee has so far spent dark, lonely days with not even one friend. But as Jihee learned to play the guitar, she started to change. Now, she has grown into a guitarist performing on numerous stages. The guitar, as Jihee’s best friend, has allowed her to get in touch with the world. However, she is still unskilled in communicating with others. The sound of her voice and guitar are not strong enough to fully reach the audience. Nevertheless, people give Jihee a big applause because of the fact that she has a disability. Jihee aspires to become a better musician. But as she gets close to a wall—the absence of creativity—she encounters limitations as a musician, too early on. There is, however, no limit to her efforts to flourish as a musician. In the meantime, Jihee is entering the society, a step at a time.

Director Hyun Jinsik
Location South Korea
Duration 28 min.
Genre Life / Music / Social Issue
Air Date (JST) Mon., Dec. 18, 2017 *rerun
Mon., Jun. 5, 2017 *rerun
Mon., Feb. 27, 2017

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Hyun Jinsik

Hyun Jinsik


As a Filmmaker, Hyun Jinsik is also a photographer, writer, and musician. He pursues the style of maintaining sufficient distance between the cast and himself while completing the film with cinematic effects and editing. Never does he make any compromise with documentary realism; at the same time, his works offer a sense of cinematic immersion. A guitarist himself, he produces the music for his films.


Windy Coffee Road, 2016 (Director)

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