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Rafte (Simmered Pork Belly)

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Ingredients (Serves 4)
*1 kg pork belly (block)
*1 knob ginger
*5 cups /1000ml awamori (sake)
*30 g san-onto soft brown sugar
*1/4 cup / 50ml soy sauce

1 Put the pork into a pan, cook for about 10 minutes after the water boils.

2 Then, wash the pork and remove the residue.

3 Put the pork back in the pan, add awamori, and cover with water.

4 Add crushed ginger into the pan, put the lid on, and bring to a boil.

5 Then open the lid a little and simmer for 2 hours, until about half the liquid is gone.

6 Remove it and cut into equal chunks.

7 Add soft brown sugar to the soup, put the pork back in,
and simmer for 30 minutes while partially covered.

8 Take the pork and ginger out.

9 Cool the soup in the refrigerator for half-an-hour.

10 And when the fat has solidified, remove it from the surface with a spoon.
You can use the lard in other recipes.

11 Put the pork back in the pan and cover with water again.

12 Add soy sauce, cover with drop lid and simmer it for an hour.

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