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"Onigiri" Rice Balls

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*2cups/400ml rice
*2cups/400ml water
*umeboshi pickled plum
*2tbsp soy sauce
*1tbsp sugar
*grated ginger

(How to sharpen the rice)
1 Let's begin to "sharpen" the rice.

2 You should be gentle because you can break the rice into pieces.

3 Get rid of the cloudy water. Repeat this process 8-10times.

4 Drain the rice in a strainer. Let's leave it for about fifteen

5 Put the rice in the pan. Add water to the pan.

(How to cook the rice)
1 Turn the heat on high.

2 Put the lid on.

3 When the water comes to a boil, turn it down. Let it simmer. Let's
wait for 12 minutes.

4 Let's turn off the heat. Don't take the lid off.

5 Let's wait about ten minutes.

6 Take the lid off. Let's mix the rice.

(How to make tuna)
1 Put the tuna in a small pan. Turn the heat on medium.

2 Add the soy sauce, sugar and the squeezed ginger.

3 When the pan gets hot, turn the heat down to low.

4 Stir it until it is crumbled.

(How to make Onigiri rice balls)
1 Soak your hands in water.

2 This helps the rice not stick to your hands.

3 Sprinkle a little salt on your palm.

4 Then put some rice on it. Make a small hole in the middle.

5 Put your favorite filling in the middle.

6 Add more rice and make the rice ball with your hands.

7 Make a triangular onigiri, cup your hand to form a V-shape.
Press the rice firmly and rotate the rice ball rhythmically.

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