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Squid with Vinegared Miso

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Ingredients (Serves 4)
*1 squid
*80g wakame seaweed
*1 welsh onion

*for the vinegared miso

*4 tbsp miso
*2 tbsp vinegar
*1 tbsp sugar
*mustard paste to taste

1 Pull out the tentacles and the innards from the body. Remove the quill and wash it well.
Pull the fins away from the body along with the skin (membrane) and discard it.

Cut the squid open, and wash any more innards out and wipe it well.

2 Make diagonal cuts every 5mm on the squid and make the same cuts across these cuts in a criss-cross pattern. (Matsukasa kiri)
Cut it into 2 x 3 cm pieces (tanzaku slices). Blanch it in boiling water.
Soak the wakame seaweed in water and cut it into 2cm wide pieces.

Cut the tip off.
Boil the Welsh onion in salted water. Turn off the heat when the onion becomes soft.
Run water over it to cool it down and drain it well.
Scrape it with the back of the knife to remove the viscous thing.
Cut the Welsh onion into easy-to-eat sized pieces.

3 Combine the miso, sugar, vinegar mustard paste in a bowl and mix together.

4 Add the Welsh onion, wakame seawood squid and mix together.

5 Serve on a plate.

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