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Ingredients (makes 30 dumplings)
*150g crabmeat
(50g for topping)
(100g for filling)
*300g minced pork
* 100g cabbage
* 50g Japanese leek
* 100g onion
* 50g boiled bamboo shoot
* 30 thin dumpling pastry skins
*2 tbsp potato starch

< Ingredients for the crabmeat seasoning >
* sake
* salt, pepper

< Ingredients for the filling seasoning >
* 2 tbsp chicken soup stock
* 1 tbsp sake
* 1/2 tbsp sesame oil
* salt, pepper, soy sauce
* salt

1 Finely chop the onion and Japanese leek. Chop the bamboo shoot into tiny pieces.

2 Season the crabmeat with salt, pepper and sake.

3 Add the chicken soup stock, sake, salt, pepper, sugar, soy sauce and sesame oil to the pork.
Mix together and knead well so that the meat absorbs the seasonings.
Keep some crabmeat aside for decoration and add the rest to the minced pork mixture. Then mix together.

4 Add the onion, Japanese leek and bamboo shoot. Finally, add the potato starch and mix well.

5 Place a spoonful of stuffing onto each wrapper and form the shape.
Put the crabmeat on top for decoration.

6 Tear the cabbage into bite-sized pieces. Place it on a heat-resistant dish and put dumplings on it.
Cover it with a plastic wrap loosely and microwave for about 3 1/2 minutes.
Serve with the dipping sauce.

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