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Microwaved Boiled Pork

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Ingredients (Serves 4)
*300g/ 11oz pork loin
for flavor
*Onion (a small piece)
*Carrot (a small piece)
*Celery leaves (from one celery)

*1 tsp consommé powder
*1 cup/ 200ml hot water
*Coarsely ground black pepper

for vinegar and "Miso" sauce
*6 tbsp "Miso" bean paste
*5 tbsp pork cooking liquid
*4 tbsp sugar
*2 tbsp vinegar
*1/2 tsp Japanese mustard

1 Slice onion, thinly slice the carrot "Tanzaku-giri" (rectangular strips of 4-5 cm in length) and roughly cut celery leaves. These vegetables will add flavor to the pork. Because these vegetables will be discarded, you can use skin of carrot, leftover celery leaves or parsley stems, too.

2 Dissolve the consommé powder in hot water.

3 Put the pork, onion, carrot, and celery leaves in a microwave-proof dish. Add the consommé soup and freshly ground black pepper.

4 Roughly cover the dish with wrap. Microwave on 600W for about 8 minutes. Then let it stand until cool. The flavor will sink into the meat.

Vinegar and "Miso" dressing preparation
5 Put the pork cooking liquid in a bowl. Add the "Miso" bean paste, sugar, vinegar and Japanese mustard, and mix well.

6 Thinly slice the pork. Pour the sauce just before eating.

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