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"Senmai-Zuke" Thin Slices of Pickled Daikon Radish

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Ingredients (Serves 4)
*1/2 "Daikon" giant white radish(600g/ 21oz)
*2 strips "Konbu" kelp (5cm)

Marinade sauce
*1 cup/ 200ml "Dashi" stock
*4 tbsp sugar
*1 cup/ 200ml vinegar
*1 tsp light soy sauce

*1 "Yuzu" Japanese citron
*1 tsp salt

1 Peel the daikon and cut into 1-2mm round "Wagiri" slices. Sprinkle salt on the daikon and let it stand.

2 Prepare marinade sauce. Put the "Dashi" stock (made from bonito flakes), sugar, vinegar, light soy sauce and a little salt in a container and stir. Set aside.

3 Halve "Yuzu" citron. Squeeze the juice from one half and add in the container. Slice the other and set aside.

4 When the daikon soften, wipe them thoroughly to remove excess water.

5 Place the daikon, "Konbu", sliced "Yuzu" in a container and pour marinade liquid on top.

6 Keep in a fridge.
* "Senmai-zuke" will be tastier when they are cooled, and will be crispy.
You can enjoy "Senmai-zuke" with smoked salmon or ham. Sprinkle some pepper, olive oil and Parmesan cheeze.

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