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Instant Japanese Pickles

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Ingredients (Serves 4)
*5 cabbage leaves (300g / 11oz)
*1 cucumber
*1 carrot
*1 knob ginger
*10cm konbu kelp
*1 tsp salt
*1/2 tbsp sugar
*4 tbsp vinegar

*Soy sauce
*Dried bonito flakes

1 Cut the cabbage in 4-5cm square pieces. Slice the cucumber. Cut the carrot in 3-4cm Tanzaku pieces. Tanzaku cutting means cutting ingredients in thin oblong card shapes. Shred the ginger. Wipe the konbu with a damp cloth. Cut it in 1cm square pieces.

2 Put all the vegetables and the konbu in a container. Add the salt, sugar and vinegar in this order. Weigh it down with something heavy like a large food can.Leave it overnight.

3 Put it on a serving dish and squeeze some lemon over it and add vinegar and soy sauce to your taste. Sprinkle the dried bonito flakes on top.

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