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Salmon Burger

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Ingredients (Serves 4)
Salmon patties
*400g/ 14oz fresh salmon (4 fillets)
*2-3 tbsp milk
*1/4 onion
*1/2 burdock root
*150g/ 5oz ground pork
*1 egg
*1/2 tbsp ginger juice extracted from grated ginger
*Vegetable oil

Dill sauce
*1/2 cup (100ml) mayonnaise
*2 tbsp consommé
*1 tsp Japanese mustard
*Soy sauce
*Salt & pepper
*1 packet fresh dill leaves

*Sliced white bread
*Lettuce & salad herb mix

Dill sauce preparation
Finely chop dill. Put mayonnaise in a bowl. Add consommé, Japanese mustard, soy sauce, salt and pepper and mix well. Add dill and mix. Other aromatic herbs, including fresh basil and mint leaves, could substitute dill.

1 Cut bread with a pastry cutter or lid of can. Tear leftover bread with fingers to make crumbs. Remove skin and bones, if any, from the salmon fillets. Coarsely chop fillets before mashing with a knife.

2 Pour milk in bread crumbs and mix together. The bread will absorb the moisture.

3 Peel and shave burdock and soak in water to remove bitterness. Then drain thoroughly.

4 Mince onion.

5 Mix well salmon, ground pork, egg, bread crumbs and ginger juice in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper.

6 Add onion and burdock and mix together.

7 Shape mold into patties. They should be the same size as the cut out bread in diameter.

8 Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan. Pan-fry patties until browned on both sides and cooked through.

9 Toast bread. Layer lettuce leaf and salad herb mix on the bread, and place the cooked salmon patty.

10 Pour dill sauce on top, and cover with bread to make a burger.

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