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Chicken, Chinese Pickles and Leek Salad

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Ingredients (Serves 4)
*8 chicken breast fillets or 300g / 11oz chicken breast
*1 small Chinese pickle
*2 Japanese leeks
*2-3 ginger slices
*1 tbsp sesame oil
*Chili oil - to taste
*Vinegar - to taste

1 Chicken preparation
 (1)Pour in a pan enough water to boil chicken fillets. Bring to a boil. Remove the string from the chicken fillets. Add the sake, sliced ginger, green part of a leek and chicken to the boiling water. Put a lid to steam. Cook the chicken for 3-4 minutes. Check the color to see if the inside of the chicken is a little pink, which means chicken is not cooked completely. Then turn off the heat. Keep the lid on. Let it stand for a few minutes.
 (2)Remove the leek and ginger. Then remove the chicken from the pan. Keep the boiled stock for "Egg soup". Let the fillets sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes.
 (3)Tear the chicken fillets into thin pieces.

*Harumi recommends cooking more chicken than required for the salad, because the remaining fillets will make tasty topping for salads and soups.

2 Wash the Chinese pickle well and shred. Soak the pieces in water to remove some of the excess salt. Drain them in a strainer. Squeeze excess water.

3 Shiraga-negi (white hair leek) preparation
Cut the leeks into pieces of 5 centimeters and make slits lengthwise. Remove the round cores, lie them flat on a cutting board and finely shred lengthwise. Soak in water, drain and pat dry in kitchen towel.

4 Put half amount of the torn chicken, Chinese pickles and leeks in a bowl. Add the sesame oil and mix. Combine just before eating. Serve with vinegar and the chili oil.

*Keep the remaining boiled chicken in a refrigerator for use for other dishes.

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