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Sea Bream Marinated with Konbu Kelp

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Ingredients (Serves 4)
*1 whole sea bream
*One large strip of "konbu" kelp cut into eight pieces, enough to sandwich the fish

1 Sea bream preparation
Cut off the head and slice the stomach open with the tip of the knife. Remove the innards and rinse with cold water to wash clean. Wipe the surface and inside of the fish dry with paper towel. Insert the knife between fish meat and backbone and slide the knife up from the tail. Turn over and slice the other side. Two fillets are done. Cut each fillet into half lengthwise to make four pieces and remove all bones. Peel the skin of each piece. Lay a piece of the sea bream fillet on the board skin side down, insert the blade of the knife between the skin and meat. Pulling the skin, draw the knife blade along the skin.

2 Wipe the konbu kelp lightly with a damp cloth. Put the sea bream between two pieces of konbu kelp and wrap in cling film. Repeat sandwiching with konbu kelp and wrapping other pieces of sea bream.

3 Marinate wrapped pieces in the fridge for three to four hours.

4 Remove the konbu just before serving and cut into suitable size.

*By sandwiching the fillets with slices of kelp, the aroma infuses onto the fish. The kelp also preserves the freshness of the fish.

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