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As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw near, it's a great time to make friends from around the world! Through video messages made on the program, this website is a platform to help kids find and make friends from overseas.

#4July 29, 2018
Yorii, Saitama, Japan & Bhutan

What makes you happy?
Yorii Meets Bhutan

Yorii is a town in Saitama Prefecture, 70km upriver from Tokyo Bay. It will host the first-ever Summer Olympic team from Bhutan, which has been hailed as "the world's happiest country." Schoolkids from Yorii send a video letter to Bhutan showcasing their jump-roping skills and asking the question, "What is your happiness?" Kids in Bhutan reply with info about their daily activities, which includes prayer times... and send a remarkable gift along with the video!

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Video Message from Kids!

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Elementary school student Kuenga enjoys workout at gym, caring about his health. In Bhutan medical service is offered for free. You can find lots of excrcise machines available in town, so that people can do workout for their health with fun.

Oh my gosh!

Boys interrupt my comment! With lots of trials and errors, everyone worked hard on video messaging for Japanese kids.

Lunchbox in Bhutan

Staple food in Bhutan is rice, just like Japan. In their lunchbox you can find rice and "Kewa datshi," potato stew with cheese and chili.


Sabzi Bazaar is the biggest market in the capital city, Thimphu. Lots of fresh vegetables attract customers, such as big melons or pumpkins. You can see and physically feel this is one of the elements which form kitchen in Bhutan. Check it out in the video message!


Kids in Yorii created a video message for kids in Bhutan, which included one of editing techniques "jump cut"! They say they got inspiration from "Toy Story."

Morning habits

Sonam places water offerings on a Buddhist altar and prays every morning. His praying style is "Go tai to chi," he prostrates himself on the ground.

More than cuteness

In Bhutan, you can find dogs everywhere you see. They laid back and just relax, even when people are doing track-and-field next to them. Unlike in Japan, they are never chased away. Can you guess why?

Gifting jump ropes

Most of Japanese people have experience of enjoying rope jumping in their childhood. A long rope was given to kids in Bhutan: they soon got interested and tried long rope jumping!

Dinner in Bhutan

Ashika's mom prepared dinner and the whole family gather around the table. Steamed red rice and "Emadasti," chili stew with cheese. Ummm, looks yummy!

Traditional festival in Yorii town

In this area some local festivals are famous: "Yorii Hojo Festival" of which Hojo clan, who governed Yorii town more than 400 years ago, or "Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu Festival."

School lunch

More than 99% of elementary schools in Japan offer school lunch. Today's menu at Sakurazawa elementary school is steamed sticky red rice with salt and sesame, beaten egg soup, burdock root salad, hamburg steak and milk.

Flower Karuta

Sakurazawa elementary school's "Karuta," playing cards has its history of more than 30 years. This is specially made for the school, weaving seasonal flowers around the school into poems. In every February, school championship is held.

Blooming summer

With the slogan "let our school be with full of greens," Sakurazawa elementary school students are growing lots of vegetables and flowers. As flower Karuta reads, "1st graders grow morning glory with passion."

Lets jump together

NAWATOBI, rope jumping is now booming in Yorii. Kids at Sakurazawa Elementary School won in "Kids' Guiness World Records Sports Carnival in Yorii," they're so good at it!

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