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Let’s make friends abroad for forthcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games!
This website helps encountering new friends abroad and boosts interaction among kids through video messages created in the program.

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July 29, 2018
Yorii, Saitama, Japan & Bhutan

What makes you happy?
Yorii meets Bhutan

Yorii is a town in Saitama Prefecture, 70 km upriver from Tokyo Bay. It will host the first-ever Summer Olympic team from Bhutan, which has been hailed as "the world's happiest country." Schoolkids from Yorii send a video letter to Bhutan showcasing their jump-roping skills and asking the question, "What is your happiness?" Kids in Bhutan reply with info about their daily activities, which includes prayer times... and send a remarkable gift along with the video!

Video message from Yorii & Bhutan kids!

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  • Bhutan >>> Yorii
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