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As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw near, it's a great time to make friends from around the world! Through video messages made on the program, this website is a platform to help kids find and make friends from overseas.

#2May 27, 2018
Tokyo, Japan & Slovakia

  • Kids from Slovak Republic: 11-year-old Ondrej Cech, 9-year-old Jakub Veleba and 10-year-old Matej Sevcik
  • Introducing their traditional pastry Štrúdla
  • Video call between Takuya Haneda, Broze Medal winner in canoe slalom in Rio with three Slovak kids and kids in Ome
  • Kids are visiting Devín Castle which was destroyed by forces of Napoleon I of France
  • Traditional Slovak cuisine halušky: potato dumplings with sheep-milk cheese and crispy bacon
  • Introducing halušky
  • Slovak kids watching a video created by students in Ome
  • Slovak kids interview Matej Benus, Silver Medal winner in canoe slalom in Rio
  • Takuya Haneda talks with kids in Ome via video phone
  • Takuya Haneda canoes at training area in Slovak Republic
  • Slovak kids interview interview Takuya Haneda
  • Slovak kids introduce the old town
  • Canoe training area: AREAL DIVOKA VODA
  • Matej practices canoeing
  • Kids from Ome: Yuta, Keita and Gosaku (from left to right)
  • Keita tries canoeing for the first time
  • Gosaku practices canoeing
  • Kids in Ome receives a video call from Takuya Haneda in Slovak Republic
  • Yuta steers a raft
  • Keita reports how Gosaku practices
  • Yuta reports how Gosaku practices
  • Mitake Keikoku Valley in Ome: sanctuary for canoeists
  • Keita on videoshooting Mitake Keikoku Valley
  • Yuta and Keita videoshoot Gosaku’s canoeing
  • Momoko Ando tries canoeing for the first time
  • The instructor Mr.Kudo, Momoko Ando and Gosaku (from left to right)
  • Momoko Ando and Gosaku

Paddle Your Way to Friendship
Tokyo Meets Slovakia

Japanese kids are fostering international friendship for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!
This time, kids from a Slovakian canoeing school meet kids from the city of Ome in Tokyo via internet video call. Their connection is Rio Bronze Medalist Takuya Haneda, who learned to canoe on a river in Ome. He now lives and trains in Slovakia, a canoe sports powerhouse. As the Ome kids prepare a video greeting, they are inspired to try new things -- even canoeing for the first time! So is our host Momoko Ando!

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Video Message from Kids!

  • Tokyo >>> Slovakia
  • Slovakia >>> Tokyo

Photos & Clips

Canoe or kayak?

This is kayak. First-time canoeist starts practicing from kayaking.

Canoe slalom

This man-made canoeing center is irrigated from Danube.


He is a Slovak canoe coach. He's wearing a T-shirt with Japanese "Row to the top of the world."


Halušky, a traditional Slovak cuisine which includes sheep milk cheese.

I can fly

Dance performance by a cheerful Slovak.


Racoon got interested in windshield of a microphone during shooting.

Soul food 1

Miso shiru is a Japanese soup, consisting of dashi (a stock) into which miso is mixed.

Soul food 2

Otoro, rare fatty part of tuna, is one of the expensive sushi toppings.

Soul food 3

Ramen is popular Japanese noodles, which people make sound intentionally as they eat!

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