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As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw near, it's a great time to make friends from around the world! Through video messages made on the program, this website is a platform to help kids find and make friends from overseas.

March 24, 2018
Nagano, Japan & Rwanda - Part 1

  • Kids on filming
  • Filming during school lunch
  • Shooting in studio
  • Shooting snow in Nagano
  • Kids on Editing
  • Kids playing with shotgun mics
  • Guests from Republic of Rwanda visit elementary schools every year!
  • Film director Momoko Ando, a.k.a. Editor-in-chief at Kids Channel in this program
  • Mr. Gatera Rudasingwa from Republic of Rwanda
  • Kids on editing

Making Videos, Making Friends
Nagano Meets Rwanda - Part 1

In 2020, the Olympics come to Tokyo! Japanese kids will play a part in making guests feel welcome by creating videos to foster international friendships. Up first are kids from Nagano. When Nagano hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics, 74 local schools each connect with and cheer for a specific country. 20 years later, grassroots ties endure. As they learn about how kids from other countries live, how will Japan's kids grow? Our documentary series "Kids Meet the World" is off and running!

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Video Message from Kids!

  • Nagano >>> Rwanda

Photos & Clips

After lunch…

This is how Japanese students enjoy the break after lunch.


Kids are trying Kendama, a traditional toy in Japan.

Snow man

Kids in Nagano try to make a snowman! Any difference from that of your country?

Tidying up

In Japan, students take off their shoes at schools, and they change to Uwabaki, indoor shoes.

Cherish things

Cleanup time! In Japan, students clean their classroom everyday.

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