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As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw near, it's a great time to make friends from around the world! Through video messages made on the program, this website is a platform to help kids find and make friends from overseas.

#1April 29, 2018
Miyagi, Japan & Palau - Part 1

  • Toogatta elementary school students in Zao in preparation for filming
  • Making their snowy way to Kitaharao
  • Filming at a cowhouse in Kitaharao
  • Filming at a cowhouse in Kitaharao
  • Interviewing a senior citizen living in Kitaharao, who had salvaged from Republic of Palau
  • Kids on editing
  • Kids on editing
  • Keiza Tulop, one of Olympic hopefuls for Judo from Republic of Palau
  • Keiza also coaches Judo to kids
  • Jarvis Tarkong, one of Olympic hopefuls for freestyle wrestling from Republic of Palau
  • Kids in Republic of Palau go out on filming
  • Kids rehearsing interview
  • Filming at old pineapple-processing plant site at ASAHI village
  • Interviewing a senior citizen about Japanese people living in ASASHI village
  • Female wrestler Uilau Tarkong from the Palau Republic

Making Videos, Making Friends
Miyagi Meets Palau

In 2020, the Olympics come to Tokyo! Japanese kids will play a part in making guests feel welcome by creating videos to foster international friendships.
This time, we go to Zao in Miyagi, which will host the Olympians from Palau. Why would a snowy mountain town host tropical Pacific Islanders? To find the answer, Zao's kids explore a part of town whose name hints at the complex legacy of war. Kids from Palau watch the video they made and gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese people.

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Video Message from Kids!

  • Miyagi >>> Palau
  • Palau >>> Miyagi

Photos & Clips


This is a cartridge for firearms. Cruel traces of war can still be seen in Palau.

Kids briefcase

Japanese elementary school kids use Randoseru, back packs. The colors are varied.

Am I Moana?

Sea is so familiar to people in Palau, that they don't care even if their clothes get wet.


Japanese people fully eat cows, to the tongue.

Who sits where

Students have their own desk and chair.

Why red?

Something red is given as a gift to people who turn 60.

Winter joy

Kotatsu is a Japanese heating device: low table frame with a heat source, covered by a blanket. During winter it's always at the center of the family.

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