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As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw near, it's a great time to make friends from around the world! Through video messages made on the program, this website is a platform to help kids find and make friends from overseas.

#6October 28, 2018
Kochi, Japan & Tonga

Wowing the World with Things We Take for Granted:
Kochi Meets Tonga

Kochi boasts beautiful coasts, forests, and mountains—and is the host for Tonga, a mountainless country. Four rugby-playing Tongan high school exchange students put on an exhibition in Yanase, a community deep in the mountains, where they befriend local kids. Filmmaker Momoko Ando guides the Yanase kids in making a video showcasing their life in the mountains, the surrounding natural beauty, and local products they take pride in. What impression will it make on the aspiring Tongan athletes?

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Shimanto River

The Shimanto River flows through western part of Kochi Prefecture. Since the river doesn't have any dams on its main stream, while many rivers are with dams on their upstream, it is referred to as "the last clear stream of Japan."

Yosakoi festival

Festival held over 4 days from Aug 9 in Kochi Prefecture. About 200 Yosakoi-Dance troupes, or 20,000 people dance with naruko clappers in their hands.

Yanase district

Yanase Dam with reservoir for hydraulic power generation. It dams up Nahari River which runs through the area: one of the well-known paths of typhoon and abundant rain as well.

Radio calisthenics

As kids enter summer holidays they join radio calisthenics events organized by neighborhood association or local authority. Radio calisthenics in summer morning is seasonal tradition with more than 90-year-old history in Japan.

School lunchtime

Due to small number of students in Yanase Elementary and Junior High School, all of the students gather and enjoy lunch, prepared by the hands of local citizens.

Tongan dance

This dance is called Sipi Tau, a traditional war cry before the game, to arouse aggression on one's own side and causing intimidation on the hostile side.

Playing rugby in Tonga

One of the reasons of going abroad is that they want to be professional or belong to corporate teams.
On that regard Japan is popular destination for Tongan students, as often in the case they would be financially supported, one example is all the expense there is funded.

Tag rugby

Tag Rugby has been originally developed for juveniles or beginners in the United Kingdom. High-risk tackling is replaced by pulling a tag off the belt on both side of the waist of the opponent who has the ball. Its playing rule is much more simplified than the original one.


Beehives are installed in Yanase, so that people can enjoy honey from it personally.

Kumano shrine

Kumano shrine has a patron spirit which protects the village, and was relocated on dam construction. Way of bowing differs depending on shrines- a basic manner of prayer is "Twice bowing, twice clapping and one-time bowing."

School with a chute

The school is built of Yanase ceder, one of the specialties in this area. What is very unique in national level is that a chute is directly connected to from the school.

Conservation forest

Forests around Yanase are designated as conservation forests. They promote forests' function to stabilize water quantity streaming to rivers, by regulating tree trimming and quarrying.

Ceder in Yanase

In Yanase, most of trimmed ceder trees have been planted by people. The forests are maintained by thinning trees on a regular basis.

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