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#8December 9, 2018
Fukushima, Japan & Laos - Part 2

Facing Invisible Fears:
Fukushima Meets Laos

Iitate in Fukushima Prefecture is supposed to host athletes from Laos as part of a cultural exchange. The Lao athletes, however, are concerned about radiation that might be left over from the 2011 nuclear disaster. To address their worries, students from Iitate Middle School create a video analyzing the current situation in their village. Their video helps make an invisible issue easier to understand. The Lao Minister of Education and Sports visits Iitate. What will her impression be?

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Photos & Clips

The Newly-built Athletic Field

The newly-built athletic field is set to welcome the athletes from Laos.The media team interviewed long-distance runner Akemi Masuda who competed in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

No Problems with Radiation Levels on the Track!

Radiation levels on the track were measured for the Laotian athletes worried about radioactive contamination. A video message was made to reassure them that there's nothing to worry about.

Is the Rice Contaminated?

Interview with a farmer. Since 2012, the year following the earthquake, he has been voluntarily decontaminating the fields, harvesting rice, and checking radiation levels.

Food made with Ingredients from Fukushima

The Lao Minister for Education and Sports is also an Olympic Committee Member. She eats dishes made with ingredients from Fukushima to show that it's safe.

Local Performance Art: Rice-planting Dance

Performing Iitate's traditional rice-planting dance.

Showing Hospitality

Kazuto Abe from the media team also joins in to make the guests feel welcome.

Laotian Para-athletes

Para-athlete siblings with visual impairment. They are aiming for the Tokyo Paralympics and planning to attend training camp in Iitate.

A Welcome Message from Iitate

The athletes watching a video message made by the Iitate Junior High School's media team.

Impressions of Iitate

Students from Dong Nai Junior High School interview the athletes updated about the situation in Iitate via video message.

Researching into the Current Situation of the Village

Kazuto and Yuito from Iitate Junior High School's Media Team. Along with presentor Momoko Ando, they're happy to have been able to update the Laotians about the situation in the village and make them feel at ease.

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