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As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw near, it's a great time to make friends from around the world! Through video messages made on the program, this website is a platform to help kids find and make friends from overseas.

#7November 25, 2018
Fukushima, Japan & Laos - Part 1

Hometown Pride
Fukushima Meets Laos

Kids from Iitate in Fukushima Prefecture and Salavan Province in Laos share stories of resilience. In 2011, Iitate's residents were forced to evacuate due to the nuclear disaster. The village remained empty for six years, but its residents were allowed to return in 2017. Two students from Iitate Middle School make a video for their new Lao friends showcasing the revitalization of their village. The Lao kids reply with a video focusing on an issue that has haunted their country for over 50 years.

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Reclining Buddha

The statue represents the Buddha in his last moments of life. It is said that he continued to spread his teachings until his last breath.

Giving Offerings

Vat that Khao is a temple in Vientiane. It hosts a yearly festival to honor deceased ancestors.


The children of Dong Nai love playing the French game of pétanque in the schoolyard during recess and after classes.

Removing Contaminated Soil

Soil contaminated by radiation is removed, put into bags, covered with shielding soil, and wrapped in a sheet to prevent water from entering. This is a sight that can be seen all around the village.

Iitate's Pride

The residents who have come back are determined to revive the village by working together. That is the pride of Iitate.

Dong Nai's Livelihood

Coffee cultivation is the main source of livelihood for the villagers of Dong Nai.

An Unstoppable Dream

Evacuating with his cows, Ichiro Sato refused to give up his dream of making his cattle into a brand. Upon his return to the village, he was awarded an honorary prize.

Dong Nai Village is in Danger of Unexploded Ordnances

Dong Nai Village is located in Salavan Province. More than half of the province is littered with unexploded ordnances.

Cluster Bombs

50 years ago in the Vietnam War, the region was heavily bombarded with cluster bombs. These bombs resemble small balls and one out of four of their victims are children.

Bomb Victim

Although this woman sustained damage from unexploded ordnances, she continues to live there because she loves her birthplace.

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