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Let's make friends abroad for forthcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games!
This website helps encountering new friends abroad and boosts interaction among kids through video messages created in the program.

#7November 25, 2018
Fukushima, Japan & Laos

  • #7 "Fukushima Meets Laos" will be on air on Sunday, November 25.
  • Nov. 25, 2018 09:10- 09:35 / 15:10- 15:35 / 21:10- 21:35
  • Nov. 26, 2018 03:10- 03:35
  • Don't miss it!

Hometown Pride
Fukushima Meets Laos

Kids from Iitate in Fukushima Prefecture and Salavan Province in Laos share stories of resilience. In 2011, Iitate's residents were forced to evacuate due to the nuclear disaster. The village remained empty for six years, but its residents were allowed to return in 2017. Two students from Iitate Middle School make a video for their new Lao friends showcasing the revitalization of their village. The Lao kids reply with a video focusing on an issue that has haunted their country for over 50 years.

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