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As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw near, it's a great time to make friends from around the world! Through video messages made on the program, this website is a platform to help kids find and make friends from overseas.

#9December 30, 2018
Chiba, Japan & Sri Lanka

An Underdog Story:
Chiba Meets Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan runner Karunananda's amazing story of perseverance during the 10,000-meter race at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics is featured in Japanese textbooks. His dedication to the spirit of the Games still inspires people today. This time, middle school students from Sammu, Chiba Prefecture befriend Sanjana, a young Sri Lankan track and field athlete. The new friends explore the relationship between Sri Lanka and Sammu, as well as learn more about Karunananda's life. What will they discover?

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Athletes from Sri Lanka are Here!

Sri Lankan athlete Sanjana visits Naruto Junior High School so that she can get a taste of school life in Japan.

Who's Sri Lanka's Unsung Hero?

The kids go up to the Sri Lankan students to ask them about Karunananda, the unsung hero of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Sri Lanka's Future Olympian

Within just two years of starting track and field, 14-year-old Sanjana broke domestic records. This young athlete has a promising future.

Track and Field Training in Sri Lanka

Sanjana is the leader of the track and field club in her all-girls school, located in Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo.

The Tranquil Sammu City

Sammu City, Chiba, is a lush green region known for its strawberries. There are 260 Sri Lankans living here.

Sri Lankan Friends

Kalpana and Imeth attend Naruto Junior High School. Living in Japan for over a year now, they fit right in.

Studious Imeth

Imeth loves studying and is particularly good at learning kanji characters.

Talking about Karunananda

Japan was still impoverished in 1964 and it wasn't the best time to host the Olympics. That's when Karunananda showed up and moved people's hearts.

Kalpana Interprets Sinhalese

Kalpana has been living in Japan for over a year. She acts as interpreter for the young athletes from Sri Lanka.

Learning About the Tokyo Olympic's Unsung Hero

The young Sri Lankan athletes ask their families about the unsung Sri Lankan hero in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

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