Kinds on videoshooting

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw near, it's a great time to make friends from around the world! Through video messages made on the program, this website is a platform to help kids find and make friends from overseas.

Kids Meet the World


The upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics are inspiring international exchange all over Japan. On this program children form research groups and create their own unique video reports in order to connect with the world.

Momoko Ando

Momoko Ando

Film Director

Momoko Ando is a film director who studied filmmaking in New York, and made her directorial debut in 2010 with a film that premiered in both Japan and London.
In 2017, she opened a movie theater, and is actively involved in efforts to cultivate Japan’s film industry.

She serves as a host in this program, supporting our kids’ filmmaking process.