The Virtual Generation: Part 1
Join us and learn about the fashion industry's virtual evolution! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many fashion shows are going online! A leader in the fashion world GUNJI Sayumi tells us about the merits of online shows. Plus, fashion journalist MATSUSHITA Kumi gives us her insight into the virtual human trend.


A fashion journalist who has been playing an active role in several prestigious Japanese fashion magazines for 20 years.

Tokyo Photobook

Cyber Mom
A graphic designer and mother of one. She shows off her cyber-punk outfit with some extra spices of LED panels and decorative illumination.


Paper-balloon-shaped confectionery
A Japanese confectionery that is modeled after a traditional paper balloon. The round Monaka wafers feature squared matcha chocolate and milk jelly. The mild milk flavor and bitter matcha green tea are a perfect match. It's a great gift that's a joy to unbox.