Clean and Kawaii: Have Fun Cleaning Up!
Since we are spending more time at home, cleaning items have become all the rage. We'll introduce you to the latest cleaning products! We also feature a person addicted to old-fashioned brooms and a cleaning specialist who will share some tips about removing stains. Plus, Bolivian-based influencer Kazumi tells us about her "Harajuku Fashion Walk in Bolivia," an online event during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tokyo Photobook

Airi DX
YouTuber / TikToker
She has her own fashion rule always to include animal motifs or items to her look. She shows off a stage costume that utilizes her style to the max.

Beating the Virus with Hygiene and Laughter!

Bolivia-based influencer Kazumi joins us to introduce her event, "Harajuku Fashion Walk in Bolivia." This year, she performed the "Kawaii Hand Washing Challenge" with her fashion community for us.

About the "Kawaii Hand Washing Challenge" that Kazumi performed:
The United Nations has asked creative industries worldwide to cooperate in preventing the spread of COVID-19. In response, Kawaii International and the associated social media site Kawaii.i (@kawaiiiofficial) created a video to teach correct handwashing. For more information, check out the video at Kawaii.i website ( Downloadable music sources are also available!


Colorful Monaka
These Monaka snacks are even cuter when stacked in colorful shades. Choose from 3 different types of red bean paste and sandwich them into the Monaka for a fun combination.

Shooting Locations

Founded 170 years ago, this store carries a variety of traditional brooms. With beautiful shapes made from high-quality materials, you'll want to use one for a long time. If you don't like the noisy sounds of a vacuum, this is the place for you.