Celebrating Uniqueness: Inclusive Kawaii
In this episode, we feature some exciting people and ideas looking to change the image of a barrier-free society. Some of those ideas include fashion items using art from handicapped artists, and a club event focused on educating while entertaining. In the studio, a wheelchair fashion journalist joins Misha and RinRin, where he shares his love for fashion.


Fashion journalist. Keita writes about fashion shows and collections for websites. He tries to take on projects with themes around diversity.

Tokyo Photobook

HIGASHI Chinatsu
Illustrator / candy artist. Chinatsu shows off a pink outfit inspired by an imaginary princess from her childhood.


Owl-shaped Florentine Biscuits
A Florentine biscuit in the shape of an owl. The biscuit is surrounded by a Japanese "monaka" shell giving it a unique flavor that mixes Western and Japanese treats. It's a popular gift to give on special occasions.