Kokusenya Kassen

Kokusenya Kassen / 国性爺合戦 —The Battles of Coxinga—

A jidaimono history play by Chikamatsu Monzaemon first performed in 1715 at the Takemoto-za. The play dramatized the exotic story of Tei Seiko, a man with a Chinese father and Japanese mother who fought to restore the Ming dynasty after the establishment of the Ching dynasty. He occupied the island of Taiwan as a base for his operations by driving out the Dutch, which became the first occasion for an Asian power having victory over a European power.

In this play, the hero is called Watonai and is a rare example of the quintessentially Edo acting style of aragoto in a Kamigata play. Watonai's make-up, wig and costume are very exaggerated. The kimono has a bold pattern of ropes used to tie up boats since Watonai was originally a fisherman and the under-kimono is bright red and has shiny gold rivets. It is tied with an enormous obi sash that needs several people, all working together, to tie.