Two Kabuki Flowers of Evil: Kochiyama and Naozamurai *RERUN
Actor Kataoka Ainosuke explores the enduring appeal of two outlaws. Despite their crimes, they protect the weak and can be tender lovers. The villainous tea priest, Kochiyama (left) and Naojiro (right), ex-samurai and thief, but also a gallant lover, are our attractive villains.
Kochiyama's story begins when he tries to swindle a pawnshop, but instead, takes on the almost impossible task of rescuing the daughter of the proprietress from the mansion of a samurai lord - for a hefty fee, of course.
Kochiyama masquerades as a high-ranking Buddhist priest from the shogun's temple and pressures the lord to let the girl go. He gets a nice sum of money for this too!
Naojiro is a member of Kochiyama's gang and men are searching for him to capture and arrest him. He's going to escape from Edo, but in a noodle shop on the way, he learns that his lover, the courtesan Michitose, is sick and staying nearby. He decides to see her once more before leaving.
Naojiro meets with Michitose. He reveals that he is a criminal on the run. In a poignant, sensuous scene, she says that she cannot live a day without him and she would rather die than be separated.