Devoted Love and Warring Clans *RERUN
Unswerving Devotion: The Japanese Twenty-Four Examples of Filial Piety. Kataoka Ainosuke is our guide to a play featuring a kabuki princess in a story of warring clans and the magic of a sacred helmet. Princess Yaegaki holding the sacred helmet and surrounded by the magical foxes. With the help of the magic of the foxes, she goes to save her lover's life.
Takeda Shingen and Nagao Kenshin have long been at war and the shogun arranges for Kenshin's daughter Princess Yaegaki (right) to marry Shingen's son Takeda Katsuyori. But the shogun is assassinated and when they can't find the killer, Takeda Katsuyori is forced to commit ritual suicide. Shingen sends two spies (left) into Kenshin's mansion where Princess Yaegaki has constantly been mourning the death of Katsuyori.
One spy is the gardener Minosaku. But he is actually Takeda Katsuyori. Kenshin has ordered him to change from his gardener's clothes into a magnificent samurai costume. When Princess Yaegaki sees him, she instinctively knows this is the real Katsuyori and falls deeply and passionately in love with him.
But the princess's father Kenshin knows that Minosaku is actually Katsuyori and sends him on an errand and assassins after Katsuyori to kill him. When she hears this, Princess Yaegaki is desperate to save Katsuyori's life, but it seems impossible.