Stylish Kabuki Melodrama: "Scarface Yosaburo" *RERUN
Scarface Yosaburo is one of the most famous plays of late Edo period kabuki. It's a romance between a young and beautiful couple, with shocking twists that showcases Edo style. A chance encounter between the son of a wealthy family and the beautiful mistress of a gang boss transforms their lives forever.
Yosaburo encounters Otomi and is so attracted to her that his coat falls off his shoulders without him noticing.
Otomi was the mistress of a gang boss, but began a secret affair with Yosaburo. When the gang boss discovered this, he was furious and cut up Yosaburo with his sword and dumped him into the sea. Otomi tried to drown herself, but was rescued and now lives as the mistress of a merchant.
Meanwhile, Yosaburo has become a petty criminal under the name of "Scarface Yosaburo." He goes with his companion, Yasu, the Bat, to extort some money. He has no idea that Otomi is alive and that this is her house.
The couple has a dramatic reunion full of tension and surprise featuring one of the most famous speeches in all of kabuki. To see how things turn out, watch our show!