The Fight of the Megumi Firemen and Sumo Wrestlers *RERUN
A historic fight between sumo wrestlers and the Megumi firefighting gang is dramatized in this play, which ends in a free-for-all on stage. Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke is our guide. The firemen on the left, headed by their leader Tatsugoro confront the sumo wrestlers on the right, headed by their leader, champion wrestler Yotsuguruma.
The dispute between the Megumi firefighting gang and the sumo wrestlers begins when at a restaurant, the boisterous wrestlers accidentally knock down the screens to the party of the firemen in the next room.
On the eve of the fight, Tatsugoro is drunk and seems not to want to fight. His wife, Onaka, urges him to fight, for the honor of the gang. But he is actually waiting for the sumo tournament to end, so that innocent members of the audience don't get hurt.
Finally, the two groups confront each other in front of the sumo arena. Each group is prepared to fight to the death to preserve their honor.
This is one of the most breathtaking fights in kabuki. It uses props from the daily lives of the firemen and sumo wrestlers. It contrasts the big, powerful sumo wrestlers with the light and nimble firemen.