The Revenge of the Soga Brothers *RERUN
For the first time, the Soga brothers confront the man who had their father killed. Hot headed Goro, on the left, is held back by his older brother Juro, on the right.
Kawazu no Saburo (L), the father of the Soga brothers, was the object of anger and jealousy, eventually getting him killed. Here Kawazu has a legendary sumo match with the villainous Matano no Goro.
Left without a father, the two Soga brothers grow up strong, hoping to avenge their father's death. In Ya no Ne, the powerful younger brother Goro is shown as an aragoto hero.
Aragoto has broad humor. Goro uses a daikon radish as a whip as he rushes to rescue his brother.
Finally, the Soga brothers (center) confront Kudo Suketsune (R), the man who had their father killed. Eventually, they kill Kudo at the foot of Mt. Fuji.