The World of Chushingura: The Treasury of Loyal Retainers (Part 2) *RERUN
The former retainers of Enya Hangan assemble in front of the gate of their enemy's mansion for the final attack to avenge their lord.
In the seventh act, Yuranosuke should be planning a vendetta, but instead plays drunkenly nightly in Gion.
Yuranosuke is actually playing to throw off spies, but as he reads a secret letter, he is seen from above by Okaru, a courtesan who is the wife of a former retainer, and from below by Kudayu, a former chief retainer of the clan now become a spy for the enemy.
The ninth act shows another tragedy, a story like Romeo and Juliet as the marriage of Yuranosuke's son and the daughter of a senior samurai is caught in the complications of the vendetta.
Finally the former retainers attack the mansion of Moronao, the man their lord tried to kill, but couldn't. When Moronao refuses to die honorably by suicide, Yuranosuke must kill him.