The World of Chushingura: The Treasury of Loyal Retainers (Part 1) *RERUN
Chushingura is one of the most popular plays. It is based on a sensational historical incident when 47 masterless samurai avenged the death of their lord. Ainosuke explores it in a two-part series. Samurai lord Enya Hangan (L) attacks the high official Ko no Moronao (R) in the shogun's palace after being bullied.
After the attack, Enya Hangan (R) is forced to commit ritual suicide. In veiled terms, he asks his most trusted retainer Yuranosuke (L) to avenge his death.
Hangan's retainer Kanpei failed in his duty by not being with his lord at the time of the attack. He now is a hunter at the home of his wife Okaru. He shoots a man by mistake, and finds a purse with the money he needs to be reinstated. He doesn't suspect that the money was raised by selling his wife to be a courtesan and was stolen from her father.
Kanpei thinks that he has killed his father-in-law and commits suicide. But in fact, he killed the thief that killed his father-in-law and on the point of death, he is allowed to join the vendetta posthumously.

"Kanadehon Chushingura: The Treasury of Loyal Retainers," is one of the most popular plays in the traditional theater. Based on a historical incident, it shows how a lord was forced to commit ritual suicide and his clan disbanded after attacking a high official in the shogun's palace. After his death, 47 of his former retainers banded together to attack and kill the official to avenge their lord's death. This first program focuses on the first half of the play, which shows the attack and the ritual suicide of the lord, Enya Hangan. On the point of death, he asks his chief retainer Yuranosuke to avenge him. The program also shows the story of Okaru and Kanpei, he is a retainer serving Hangan directly and she is a lady-in-waiting to Hangan's wife. We see how love together with Hangan's attack turns their stories into tragedy.