The Tale of Lord Okura: Dedicated to Genji's Revival *RERUN
Actor Kataoka Ainosuke explores a play where two people must hide their true characters and feelings to survive a turbulent historic era. In the final moments, Lord Okura appears in this spectacular costume to show that he is revealing his inner self.
Okyo, a retainer of the Genji clan, wants to get into the mansion of Lord Okura, closely allied with Kiyomori, who rules Japan and is the head of the enemy Heike clan. Lord Okura seems to be an idiot who is only interested in watching pretty women dance. So Okyo dances for him, hoping that he will take her into his service.
Okyo and her husband Kijiro are actually not all that interested in Lord Okura. They want to investigate his wife Tokiwa Gozen. Tokiwa Gozen is the widow of Yoshitomo, formerly the head of the Genji clan, who Kiyomori had killed. She is also the mother of the famous Genji warrior Yoshitsune. But she seems to have no loyalty to the Genji clan. She became Kiyomori's mistress, and when she got tired of him, became Lord Okura's wife. Okyo and Kijiro want to see her true feelings.
But it turns out that Tokiwa Gozen is secretly still loyal to the Genji clan. And her husband Lord Okura has pretended to be an idiot to stay safe in a world dominated by the Genji clan. He actually was once a member of the Genji clan and hopes that it will be revived.
Lord Okura reveals his true feelings of loyalty to the Genji clan and gives a treasured sword of the Genji to use in its revival.