Sogo from Sakura: A Farmer Martyr *RERUN
Actor Kataoka Ainosuke explores the historic tale of Kiuchi Sogo, a village headman who sacrifices his life begging the shogun to save his fellow farmers from starvation. Even though he has been captured and will be executed, Sogo smiles with satisfaction because he knows that the shogun has heard his plea for mercy.
Before appealing to the shogun, Sogo goes home to Sakura to say a final farewell to his family. The authorities have chained up the boat at the crossing to keep Sogo from traveling, but the boatman is so moved by what Sogo is about to do that he cuts the chains on the boat so Sogo can go home.
Sogo's wife Osan and his children are overjoyed to see him after he has been away for so long in Edo. He tries to cut his legal ties with his family, but Osan refuses to accept the divorce and in the end, Sogo's family were punished with the death penalty together with him.
But before the night is out, Sogo must push away his family and leave for Edo, to carry out his mission.
At the shogun's temple in Edo, Sogo gives him a letter pleading that the shogun save the farmers of his domain from the cruel and heavy taxes of their lord. The shogun's chief advisor reads the appeal in front of the shogun, but because there were strict laws against direct appeals, he refuses the petition, while showing Sogo that he has really accepted it.