Aqua Tourism in Shimane & A Cliffhanging, Spiritual Temple
Our reporter travels western Honshu, which has a high annual rainfall. She wonders at how the printing on Sekishu washi does not dissolve in water and treks a gorge for wasabi, "the green diamond" that thrives on delicious water. She also hunts for a valuable creature that inhabits pristine waters, the Japanese giant salamander! And, our correspondent climbs a harsh pilgrimage route through a temple in Tottori Pref. that covers an entire mountain. His goal? A mystic hall built on a cliff face.

Aqua Tourism in Shimane / Reporter: Alice Gordenker

1 hr 30 mins by air from Haneda Airport to Hagi Iwami Airport, then 40 mins by car to Tsuwano
From Tsuwano Sta.
- 30 mins on foot to Taikodani Inari Jinja
- 7 mins on foot to Tsuwano Japan Heritage Center
- 27 mins on foot to Naru Falls
- 8 mins on foot to Sara no Ki
*Paper making experience: Bookings required
*Washi paper-doll craft: Bookings required
- 8 mins on foot to Chisha no Ki
From Tsuwano
- 1 hr 10 mins by car to Auberge Wasabi
*Wasabi harvesting experience: Bookings required in advance
- 27 mins by train to Iwami-Yokota Sta., 17 mins by bus to the Nichihara Shinryosyo mae bus stop, then 8 mins on foot to Mikadoya
*Natural Ayu Course: Bookings required

From Hiroshima Sta.
- 45 mins by train to Aki-Kameyama Sta., then 16 mins on foot to Ota River Fishery Cooperative
*Ayu fishing experience (June to September): Bookings required
- 90 mins by bus, then 5 mins on foot to Hanzake Nature Museum of Mizuho
*Japanese giant salamander viewing (April to August): Bookings required

Festivals & Events
Near Tsuwano Sta.
Tsuwano Floating Lantern Festival: August 15, 2019

Suigen Park
Suigen Matsuri: June (Every year)
Himebaikamo: June to August

A Cliffhanging, Spiritual Temple / Correspondent: Richard Pearce

3 hrs 5 mins by train from Shin-Osaka Sta. to Kurayoshi Sta., then 40 mins by bus to Sanbutsu-ji Nageiredo