A Mystical Land of Myths & Getting around Japan *RERUN
Our reporter explores the mystique of Takachiho, Miyazaki Pref., where deities descended to earth. He rows to a divine waterfall and views a sea of clouds at dawn from 500m high. Later he takes in kagura song and dance performed in gratitude for the harvests. At a pension he makes a bamboo container to be filled with chicken for a meal with the deities. And, our correspondent gives advice on navigating the often-confusing trains, then we look at luxurious bus travel using inexpensive passes.

A Mystical Land of Myths

Reporter: Nick Szasz
About 2 hrs by plane from Narita/Haneda Airport to Kumamoto Airport, then 2 hrs from Kumamoto Airport to Takachiho by bus
Takachiho Gorge
7 mins by car from Takachiho Sta. or 10 mins by bicycle from Takachiho Bus Center

Takachiho Jinja
20 mins on foot from Takachiho Gorge

Takachiho Kagura
Schedule: 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. daily
Place: Takachiho Jinja

Schedule: Every year from mid-November to early February
Place: Community centers etc.

Amanoiwato Jinja
1 hr by local bus from Takachiho Gorge

10 mins on foot from Amanoiwato Jinja

Amaterasu Railway
20 mins on foot from Amanoyasukawara
From Amanoiwato Jinja
- Goho-gama
1 min on foot
- Kagura-no-yakata
5 mins by car
- Kunimigaoka
20 mins by car