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Dec. 20, Tue.

"KUJUKURIHAMA: Chiba - Pref."
- Living the beach life -

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- Gow samples the sardine cuisine in Kujukurihama.
- A father and son who love the ocean, and love their life by the beach.
- An encounter like a scene in a movie.

Kujukurihama is a long, sandy beach that runs for over 66 kilometers along the Boso Peninsula, to the east of Tokyo. After the summer swimming season is over, the beach returns to its natural state, quiet and unspoiled. On this edition of journeys in japan, Gow meets some of the people who love living here, close to the ocean.

The local specialty: sardine cuisine
At Katakai fishing port, one of the main catches throughout the year is sardines. Because the fish are so fresh, they are often served as sashimi, a delicacy that you can usually find only close to fishing ports.

There are many seafood restaurants at Kujukurihama. Gow tries sardines prepared in various different ways, such as grilled mezashi (lightly-dried sardines), and pickled sardines with sesame.

She also discovers a special hand-made fish sauce known as "Anchovy Kusare", which makes a tasty souvenir.

A surfing paradise
The beach at Kujukurihama is one of the top surfing destinations in Japan. The waves roll in directly from the Pacific Ocean, which makes for great surfing year-round. Other water sports have been introduced recently, including kiteboarding and stand-up paddle surfing. There's lots to do on this beautiful unspoiled beach.

Kujukurihama's thoroughbreds
There is a riding school close to the beach. All the horses there are thoroughbreds that used to race. After retiring from racing, these horses spend the second phase of their working life carrying visiting riders.

The horses are exercised along the waterfront. The soft sand is ideal for the horses because it's not too stressful on their legs. The salt water is also good for keeping their hoofs healthy and healing inflammation in their joints.

Seeing the horses riding along the beach of Kujukurihama is a very special sight.

Ichinomiya Riding Center (open year-round)
Beginners' riding course with attendant from 1,500 yen
Beginners' riding course (around local area) from 5,000 yen

Reporter: Gow

From Tokyo, take a train to Togane Station on the JR Togane Line (about 90 minutes). Then take a bus (30 minutes) to Katakai Fishing Port. There is also a direct highway bus (70 minutes) from Tokyo Station to Togane Station.