On the Sugar Road from Saga to Fukuoka
The Nagasaki Kaido was an important trade road from the 1630s that connected Nagasaki's port—the only one open to overseas trade in those days—to Kokura in Fukuoka Prefecture. Nicknamed the Sugar Road, the 220-kilometer path carried covetous sugar and their sweet recipes. Aliza Ahmed Khan from Pakistan discovers the distinctive confectionery culture that developed along the route.


This signature Saga Prefecture sweet is made with adzuki beans, sugar, starch syrup and agar.

Narikin Manju

Narikin means becoming rich overnight. The bun is named after the old coal barons in Nogata and other mining towns in central Fukuoka Prefecture.


This sphere-shaped sugar candy, which has its roots in Portugal, is known for its spiky protrusions.


From Tokyo, it takes about 2 hours to Kyushu-Saga International Airport. To reach Takeo from Saga, take the JR Kyushu Sasebo Line. Iizuka, Nogata and Kurosaki can be accessed on the Chikuho Line.