Handa: Savoring a Canal City's Delights
Handa City, in Aichi Prefecture, is known for its brewing industry and festivals with towering floats. Jennifer Julien, a wine promoter based in Japan, delights in the city's sake and sushi, as well as its Handa Dashi Float Festival. It's a spectacle of thirty-one floats that come together once every five years.

Handa Canal

The black-walled warehouses lining the canal are a symbol of Handa, which once thrived as a maritime shipping and brewing hub.

Mizkan Museum

This vinegar museum is operated by a popular vinegar maker founded in Handa. Visitors can learn about kasuzu, which has been produced there since the early 19th century. This vinegar is made from sake kasu, a sake by-product.

Handa Red Brick Building

Built in 1898 as a beer brewery, the site is now a tourist attraction. Visitors are welcome to taste beer recreated from the original recipe used before World War II.


To reach Handa from Tokyo, it takes about one hour and 40 minutes by Shinkansen to Nagoya. From there, it takes about 35 minutes by local train.