Kyushu: On the Trail of Shoyu Nagasaki – Kumamoto – Miyazaki
Soy sauce, or shoyu, is one of the essential seasonings that underpin Japanese cuisine. In Kyushu (southwestern Japan), various types of soy sauce have been developed to complement different dishes. From one region to the next, each sauce has its own tradition and use. This has led to the creation of numerous sauces across the region, including new kinds of shoyu featuring a range of ingredients.

Nagasaki Fish Shoyu

A new style of "fish" shoyu that offers all the nutrients of seafood but with the flavor of soy sauce. In recent years a growing number of producers in Nagasaki Prefecture have begun making similar types of "fish shoyu."

Kumamoto Soy Sauce

A traditional soy sauce producer in Kumamoto Prefecture has also been developing new ideas, such as a clear (transparent) shoyu.

Ōdōtsu, Miyazaki Prefecture

This port town in Nichinan City has a long reputation as a center for brewing soy sauce. Despite its small population of about 1,400, there are still three shoyu producers in Ōdōtsu.


To reach Nagasaki from Tokyo, flights take two hours. From there, you can travel to Kumamoto and Miyazaki by ferry or by train.