Okinawa: Weaving Culture *RERUN
We look at Okinawa Prefecture through its stunning textiles. The island chain is a treasure trove of "somemono" (piece-dyed cloth) and "orimono" (thread-dyed cloth). The subtropical climate nurtures diverse plants, offering an abundance of fibers and natural dyes. Okinawa was a maritime trading hub in Asia for hundreds of years, ushering in sophisticated culture and advanced techniques, which in turn nurtured distinctive fabric styles. In this episode of Journeys in Japan, we discover this cultural legacy.

Itobasho Plantation

Fields of Itobasho fan out in Kijoka, on the northern end of Okinawa's main island

Ryukyu Cuisine

Multi-course formal meals dating back to the Ryukyu Kingdom, served on traditional tableware

Ishigaki Island

Just an hour by air from Okinawa's main island, it is blessed with stunning natural scenery, including the ocean


From Tokyo, it takes nearly three hours by plane to Okinawa's main island