Iriomote: Pursuing the Elusive Jungle Cat *RERUN
A father and daughter head to Iriomote, the largest of the Yaeyama Islands far away in southwestern waters. Covered 90% by subtropical jungle, its rich ecosystem earned the World Natural Heritage site status in 2021. The duo is on a quest to encounter its famous, endemic Iriomote cat. Along the way, they kayak, hike, snorkel and meet wonderful people connected to the island's nature.

Jungle Trekking

To get close to Iriomote's nature with all your senses, trek through the jungle and climb up to the majestic Pinaisara Falls. Be sure to travel with a guide.

A Place Connected to the Iriomote Cat

At the western edge of the island, and accessible only by boat, is the place where the first Iriomote cat was caught.

Rice Fields Where the Iriomote Cat Romps

An old family of rice cultivators is avoiding pesticides to coexist with the Iriomote cat and other creatures on the island.


To reach Iriomote from Tokyo, fly to Ishigaki Island, which takes about three hours. Transfer to high-speed ferry, which takes 40 minutes to the port of your destination.